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 We are a law firm specializing primarily in business and immigration law. Many of our clients are investors who are looking to gain residency through purchasing a qualified enterprise in the United States. We provide hands-on assistance, more than 17 years of experienced legal advice, and counsel to our clients in all aspects of their business-related immigration needs.  Our multi-national offices in France, Canada, and Brazil accommodate our Clients needs throughout all stages of the process.

Jeffrey P. Marathas is licensed in the State of Arizona and is permitted to practice Federal Immigration Law in all jurisdictions

Our Vision

From launching a start-up company to purchasing an already successful business, we help our clients evaluate options and minimize risks. 


We are committed to offering personalized service in a cost efficient manner.

Our model is to offer the most affordable and practical solutions to your immigration needs.  In most cases, our clients require similar services time and time again.  For this, we have devised "package pricing" that permits us to effectively handle your case and pass on substantial savings to the client. 

Our Team

   Mr. Jeffrey P. Marathas Esq.

Founding Member & Attorney at Law

Jeffrey Marathas

Jeffrey, licensed attorney with the State Bar of Arizona, brings nearly 20 years of experience in immigration and business law. He graduated from Aix-Marseille III University and holds both a Juris Doctor and a Civil Law degree from Louisiana State University. Additionally, he is a full member of the Marrakech Bar Association in the Kingdom of Morocco, serving as the first American delegate to the Marrakech Bar Association.

He has delivered lectures on the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation and regularly provides counsel on immigration matters as a special advisor to the Department of Cultural Services at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey possesses in-depth expertise in U.S. business immigration and routinely handles immigration and non-immigration petitions, including categories such as E, L, O, and all EB-based categories, submitted to U.S. consulates and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


U.S. Mobile: 480.329.3469

The glory of a good Lawyer

is to fix a bad case...

( Honore de Balzac)

Value 01.


The Firm handles all business and immigration matters large and small, including family based, employment based, and specialty immigration petitions. The Firm also represents clients in sensitive exclusion and deportation matters nationwide.

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