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Initial Consultation

We offer a free one hour initial consultation, either in person, or by skype and video conference call.  If your case requires us to perform research or to take time to review your existing matter, then we will request a retainer at that time.  If the intial consultation goes beyond one hour, we will request a $200 fee for the additional time

$200 flat rate

Legal & Auditing Advice

Our firm typically charges a flat fee for most immigration services. However, we often find that related services offered may prompt us to bill at an hourly rate.  If your particular case is one that requires we bill at an hourly rate, then you will be billed at $400 per hour for Attorney services, and $85 per hour for services performed by our legal assistants 

$400 per hour - Attorney

$85 per hour - Legal Assistant

Visa Preparation Services

Please refer to our price list for visa services, packages, and group pricing

Prices Vary by Category

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