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Introducing our law firm

With over 20 years of practical experience,
has been a proven leader in the practice of both
Immigration & Business Law

Our Firm

Welcome to The Marathas Firm PLLC,  a law firm specializing in business related matters as well as immigration law. Many of our clients are looking to acquire businesses and or gain residency through purchasing a qualified enterprise in the United States, where others are simply navigating through the complex filings for green card petitions, citizenship applications, or employment authorization.  

Our staff, who speak French, Spanish, and Portuguese, have been advising hundreds of immigrant clients, and working with U.S. Consulates worldwide for over 17 years.

Areas of Specialization


Investor Visas


Employment Based Visas

We offer a history of proven success in securing approved immigrant and non immigrant Visa petitions in a wide range of industries including international sports, entertainment, beauty and fashion, culinary, medical, as well as artists, performers, engineers, technicians and advanced degree professionals.


Green Card Petitions

Whether through marriage, family sponsorship, or even the diversity lottery, we assist clients in preparing the documentation required to obtain your green card in the most efficient way possible


Other Types of Visas

With many types of visas available, most Clients are unaware of the numerous categories they may qualify for.  Let us assist with finding that proper visa for you

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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The Marathas Firm

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