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Our Law Firm Featured in the "Courrier de Floride"

We are proud to announce that The Marathas Firm is featured in the latest edition of the "Courrier de Floride." The article highlights the expertise of Jeffrey Marathas and his unwavering commitment to legal excellence, especially in the fields of immigration and business law.

Jeffrey Marathas' Expertise: Jeffrey Marathas, a Francophone American attorney, boasts over 20 years of experience in immigration and business law. His firm, located in Aventura, north of Miami, offers legal services in two vital areas: immigration and business.

In the realm of immigration, Attorney Marathas advises individuals and investors on matters such as visa applications, green cards, and U.S. citizenship. He specializes in investor visas (E2) and also handles executive and employee transfers.

Regarding business, the firm assists in the creation and expansion of businesses, whether they are domestic or foreign. From contract drafting to lease reviews, Attorney Marathas' team provides comprehensive expertise.

Personalized Approach: The key to Attorney Marathas' success lies in his personalized approach. Each case is meticulously prepared, leaving nothing to chance. The initial consultation is free and honest, allowing for open discussion of the client's situation and objectives.

Honesty, trust, kindness, and availability are the pillars of his philosophy. Attorney Marathas personally handles all cases, from A to Z, even the most complex ones. He also collaborates with competent partners to complement his analysis, including certified accountants and international tax experts.

A Multicultural Expert: Jeffrey Marathas studied French law at Aix-en-Provence University and is fluent in French. He can practice immigration law anywhere in the United States and has offices in Paris and Brazil. His on-the-ground experience and multiculturalism enable him to understand the concerns of French-speaking clients and find winning solutions.

At The Marathas Firm, client success is the primary motivation. Each case is prepared with care, and Attorney Marathas is committed to delivering tangible results.

To learn more about our immigration and business law services, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you achieve your legal goals in the United States.

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